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Secure Document Exchange With VDR

Secure Document Exchange with VDR

During a merger, acquisition, or other business transaction sensitive documents must be examined and approved by a variety of parties. Using a virtual data room (VDR) makes it easy to share these documents safely with the appropriate stakeholders. This type of online repository is an ideal option for government agencies and organizations looking to protect confidential files and data from hackers and other malicious actors.

A VDR allows businesses to store documents securely online, and make them accessible to authorized users on any device and at certain times. The platform can be used for a variety of projects such as M&A due diligence fundraising, partnering, and many more. This tool is beneficial to diverse industries, but is most beneficial for companies in the life science and technology sectors which require protection of private data.

Whether you’re collaborating with service providers, potential investors, or even internal employees with access to sensitive docs and intellectual property, you’ll require a VDR that is equipped with robust security measures. The best VDRs feature extensive document authorization and perspective restrictions, along with options like two-factor authentication or the option to view only. Choose a VDR with page-level reporting and activity tracking to allow you to track how your information has been used and to ensure compliance.

iDeals offers security of bank grade, ease of use, and a robust set of tools which make it the best choice for M&A due diligence and pharma product development, intellectual property submissions, and board meetings. It includes a simple upload and download process, secure PDF creation and the ability to synchronize local files with data room folders.

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